How to Edit Videos Perfectly on Your Mobile Device

26 students


Video editing has become very important in today’s world. Gone are the days where one needed video only for TV and movie productions. Today, it is used by businesses and individuals to create engaging social media posts, to create courses and to host pre-recorded webinars.

Social media waits for no one. With this app, you can quickly create and edit educative, informative and entertaining videos on the go.  You will benefit greatly from the features in this app. It is nothing like the regular video editing apps on Play Store.

This course teaches you how to use the app to the fullest. it also shows you what is possible with the app.

Lessons in this course include;

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Trim/Split your video
  3. How to Adjust Video Speed
  4. How to Add Color Hues to Your Video
  5. How to Stabilize Your Video
  6. How to Include Text and Add Custom Fonts
  7. How to Download and Include Music
  8. How to Record a Voiceover
  9. How to Pan And Zoom
  10. How to Extract Audio From Video
  11. How to Add or Adjust Video Effects
  12. How to Manage Projects
  13. How to Use Canva
  14. How to Fit Your Canva Designs to Your Editor
  15. How to Use Color Boards
  16. How to Produce Your Video


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