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 Self-Editing Smackdown, Self-edit Like a Pro


Edit Your Manuscript Like a Professional is a Course designed to help you seamlessly bring professionalism into your written content. We’ve designed it to help walk you through the stages of editing and creating a beautiful second, and third draft.

What’s more? You’re not alone, I am available to give you feedback and guide you through each stage of this course.


What You’ll Learn

– You will learn the same skills professional editors use in delivering excellent jobs.

– You will be able to professionally edit almost any type of fiction and nonfiction writing, to international standards.

– You will greatly improve your own writing and editing.



You need a laptop, a tablet or a phone with internet. But a laptop and a phone will help you scale your assignments smoothly.



Becoming an outstanding editor requires more than just fixing up the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typos in a piece of writing.  It takes an in-depth knowledge of this skill set to turn your work from poor to rich, disorganized to organized, terrible to beautiful, plain to curvy.

Wouldn’t you like your work or your client’s filled with life?

Edit Your Manuscript Like a Professional introduces you to deep editing; an editing style mostly used by professionals. This style transforms the worst piece of writing into a magnificent read sparkling with life. The techniques introduced will force you to pay attention to every detail of your manuscript, therefore ensuring give it the spark that it needs.

This method can be applied to fiction works, non-fiction works, blog articles, email newsletters, landing pages, and even social media contents. It will set you apart from other writers and editors


Trade Secrets

The lessons in this course will build your writing and editing skills from amateur, to competent, to masterful. And you’ll find that even when you write a first draft, you incorporate this technique naturally and your first draft would shine brighter than your former third draft.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a book, a blog article, an essay, an email, or a website copy. The difference will remain crystal clear.

What is Deep Editing?

Deep editing has four stages, and they include;

1. The content itself

2. The structure or development of the work

3. The message it carries and how it carries it

4. The presentation. How you present the work.

All four steps above ensure a thorough job is done to make the work brilliant and wonderful to read. So our course covers,


This stage addresses your written idea and facts around it.



This stage reorganizes or builds the structure of your idea. Where necessary, it develops the idea too while working on its structure.



This stage ensures your idea is passed across or expressed with simple, clear, elegant, and evocative words and sentences. We eliminate rambling.



In this stage, we remove any mistake or inconsistency that will give your work a bad presentation or kill its flow.

Most importantly, I will be with you every step of the way, helping you scale through every stage, and editing and writing side by side with you.

You’ll come out of this course with more skills and more confidence in writing and editing than you ever had before. And you’ll be able to take on any work you’re presented with



Karo Oforofuo is a full-time freelance writer, freelance editor, blogger, content coach and consultant. She has written and edited for a lot of indie authors and big companies like Okadabooks and Readers Resort Initiative of Nigeria.

She has held a series of writing and editing classes on WhatsApp, before moving the course to a permanent home.

Her aim is to help a lot of young and old writers produce outstanding written works that they can be proud of always.

Who This Course is For?

It is for you if you want to become a professional editor.

It is for you if you are an editor who wants to upgrade your editing skills.

It is for you if you are a fiction or nonfiction writer, copywriter, blogger, or business publisher who is extremely interested in enhancing your own writing and self-editing.

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Course Content

– Introduction

– Content Structural/Developmental Editing

– Line/Style Editing

– Presentation Edit/Proofreading




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